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Not sure how I feel about this

Descender Volume 1: Tin Stars (Descender Tp) - Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, Dustin Nguyen

So the rating on this changed drastically, even while I was staring at those five stars and going, well, what do I do now?   The writing is perfection and the art is some of the lushest, and most confident, work I've ever seen: it looks effortless, graceful, and at times you can see the marks on the watercolor papers, giving it both a roughness and authenticity that made me connect to the artwork more.   In addition, the tone of the artwork matched the storyline perfectly. 


And yet...  this book makes me hate humanity.   I found almost all the characters unlivable, and while this hume isn't that bad, he isn't that great either: 



How can one line make me love and loathe a character so much at once.   "Don't worry, government, I'm not your enemy even though you tried to commit genocide."  I love him for standing up for the bots, but... ugh.   What a coward.   (And, hey, I'm so glad that another character saw him for the coward he was and called him out on that, too.)


I like Tim-21 and Driller, though.   Especially Driller. 



Yes, yes you are, Driller.   Driller was cynical and hated all the humans who had tried to wipe out his kind.   He suggest distrust to Tim-21, and he was right.   Humans suck.   Well, humans suck in this graphic novel at the very least.   


Oh, also, it was nice of Unicron to take time out of his Transformers schedule and make an appearance: 



But, seriously, how gorgeous is that image?   And um, yes, please, more of that!   Wait, no, less of that?   That led to this: 



Robot Genocide.   Robot genocide.  That makes me so.... I can't even... words no work. Excuse me for a minute.   I'm going to toss shit around and see if I'm any less angry. 


I'm back guys.   And, no, nothing helps that panel.  Nothing.   This is why I refuse to pay full price for this series, by the way.   I'll continue unless it gets better.   And hey, it just might. 



Underground robot resistance you say?   



Alright, alright, I'll read the next issue...