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Blind - Rachel DeWoskin

Page 10: "Maybe we're all stunned numb because we thought my eyes were enough karmic tragedy for our whole town."


Oh, so you don't understand karma or blindness now?


"I had on blue Converse with tennis sock, and pink, cat-shaped sunglasses with jewels in their corners."


Again, how does she know if she's blind?  I'm not saying she can't know: her friends and family can tell her, and there are these color tags for your clothes.   But when you mention, and focus on, color without explaining these things, you're ignoring some of the details of what it means to be blind.  


She wouldn't just think 'oh, I'm going to wear blue and pink.'   She'd have to read what colors they were.   But, yeah, it looks like this is going to be a larger book about how the blind girl copes.   The details don't matter. 


Except, y'know, they would if she were really blind.