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Better than the rest of this series

The Pulse, Vol. 3: Fear - Michael Gaydos, Brian Michael Bendis

There started to be more of what I enjoyed, moire of that complexity.   As Jessica Jones prepares herself for her child coming into this world, she gets help from Sue Storm-Richards.   And while this was very much the kind of banter that Bendis is known for, and not as dark as Alias, it spoke more to the complexities of human life than this series had up until now.   Even little moments, like the Avengers confronting the hospital director who wanted to kick Jessica out for the safety of her other patients, felt more like what i had come to expect from Bendis: it's ugly, but it's something they have to deal with, and they all do in their own ways. 


It's not as dark as twisted as Alias was, at least the parts that I had read, but it was very much real, showing how nasty some people could be, and the light that other people could bring when standing up to that ugliness. 


It was the subplot with D-Man, however, that was most resonant with me: it was a rich, deep story, it was touching, and humbling, to read it, and I wish more of this series had tapped into that aspect of Jessica's life, or even of the lives of those around her.   This whole series?   That one, short subplot with D-Man made me feel like I was truly estate to have read this series, whereas all the rest had made me simply feel happy. 


The annual that was the big wedding issue was the same as most of the series: it served its purpose well enough, but it wasn't everything I had hoped for.   Still, I did quite enjoy this series, and I'm glad I read it, just to get to know what was going on in Jessica's life.