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What the hell is up with the inbreeding at Marvel?

Howard The Duck (2015-) #2 - Chip Zdarsky, Veronica Fish, Danilo Beyruth, Joe Quinones

First the first cousins are super surprised when their son is crazy.   Now they're creating female clones of males that are intended as mates for those males.  



Oh, Howard and Rocket are gonna be in for a huge shock when they meet Linda and Shocket.    And Linda and Shocket had a far superior story to tell here: engaging, emotional, full of adventure and humor amongst all the fuckery.    And yes, Shocket is just as trigger happy as Rocket.  The first time she shoots a gun, she says, with a great deal of shock:



And Linda the Duck acts as a sort of Groot to Shocket's Rocket.   The thing is, Rocket doesn't work especially well alone, dripping cynicism.   It's the little moments of friendship and loyalty that endear me most to him; as buried as they are under that ultra-violence and bluntness, under that need to tell everyone exactly where they stand, they are there, particularly with Groot. 


Rocket simply doesn't work as well alone; he needs a Groot to work against.   And while Shocket and Linda are their own characters, despite their origin story, they are also formed by the connections they make.   Not only do they consider themselves sisters, The Collector also put them in the charge of a man they come to consider their father.    This small family is something that Groot and Rocket did not have, and they prove nurture can, and will change things.   (Although I also believe Nature has something to do with it, particularly with Rocket and Shocket: they are more alike than Howard and Linda, after all, and they have more to say about nature and genetics in this debate.)



I can totally see Rocket sleeping like this, but that is Shocket.   Rocket doesn't show up at all in this series.   Linda may not have the exact level of empathy and compassion that Groot does, but her bond with Shocket is very similar to the one Rocket and Groot has - or it acts in the same way narratively.    When you need to see those moments of loyalty and love shine through with Shocket, it's because of either Linda or their dad.  


Linda also is more level headed.   This isn't quite as like Groot as you'd think: Rocket, in particular, notes that Groot can be a dreamer, imagining an ideal world, or too generous for his own good rather than showing the kind of quick thinking and evenness in a business deal that Linda shows.   She's sharp, she's quick to jump on a deal, or maximize a bad situation to her advantage and Groot would show far more care for others made out in this case.   And yet, she still fills Groot's role: when Shocket needs to be pulled back from needless violence, it's Linda there to make sure her own strengths keep Shocket from that violence which would then cause them more headaches in the future. 


And then there's glorious, glorious Gwenpool. 



Drools.   Gwenpool.   I'm dreading issue three, when the Gwenpool ends.   Must has more Gweenpool. 


Also, yes, the internet decided to stop being a dick.   I'm gonna take credit for that, because clearly I shamed it into behaving properly!