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Not enough to hook me

Arrow (2012-2013) #1: Special Edition (Arrow (2012-)) - Rex Lokus, Omar Francia, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Mike Grell

In fact, the only reason I cared at all was that this was tied into the show, which I enjoy.   (The show is fun despite plot holes that me and my friend keep mocking.   It's not the greatest thing on Earth, but it's fun.)


The problem with this is I have the show.   This was a very brief recap of the show, or so it felt.  Not that it went over why Ollie changed, so it's not even a good introduction for people who haven't seen the show. 


It didn't add anything for people who've seen the show, either.   It went over a bit of Ollie pre-Arrow and then what Ollie did after he became the Arrow, although bizarrely enough it didn't make it clear that Ollie was the Arrow, why he was doing this at all - not his near death experiences, or his father's book, or anything relevant. 


It was fun to see a random dude get his comeuppance, but it wasn't anything more than that.   This certainly doesn't make me want to buy any more of these comics.