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The Squirm and the Knife (Eldritch!, #1) - Drew Rausch, Aaron Alexovich

Thank you to Jessica for introducing me to this series.   I haven't gotten the next issue, but I'm working my way through a bunch of my PDFs right now, and since I've been so flaky as far as reading goes, I'd figured at about twenty-two pages, this would be a nice easy read.   Especially given how much Jessica loved this. 


Agreed.   This is the perfection combination of creepy and cute.   It's like Charm School, or Nightmare Before Christmas: creepy-cute.   It's easy to do wrong, but I've been lucky.   Most of what I've read in the creepy-cute category has gotten it right.   


The cute comes from the drawings here.   There's a cute quality that doesn't mimic any comics I've seen, but is reminiscent of something more innocent in a lot of panels.   And then the squirming tentacles remind you that this series is anything but innocent. 


It's also setting up a nice portrait of slightly dysfunctional family: the way the parents try to convince themselves that everything is alright, the way they try to take care of it as if it is, and convince everyone else of the same thing is slightly heartbreaking.   They want it to be okay, but their son might be associated with someone in a cult, and their daughter is a tattooed college student who's gone through at least five choices as far as a major goes. 


Neither of their kids are as polite,  or genteel, or logical as they think.   It's not the family doesn't care for each other, or that they don't want to make things work.   It just doesn't.   And it was kind of nice to see how they cared for each other even through the, as the boy-child would say, 'bitchiness.'


I do see myself reading more of this later on.