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Love this series so much!

Saga, Volume 5 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

I continue to love this series.   I may just end up buying these on Comixology, despite the fact that I got this collection from the library: I saw it and snapped it up.   I own some of these issues, but not all of them.   And reading this, I was reminded of why I love this series so much.  


There's a lot here: it's about war, specifically the effects of war on the psyche although it also touches on what it does to nations, as well as family, loyalty, and... there's just too much to me to list.  It's mind-boggling all the themes Vaughan manages to put into such a slim volume, and Staples doesn't slouch on the art.   It's not only gorgeously illustrated, each panel compliments the feel that Vaughan is going for perfectly. 


Dengo and Prince Robot IV were my favorite characters, although I especially appreciated that Marko and IV were forced to work together: the same man had both their children, and although they despised each other, they knew they needed one another to find Hazel and the princeling.   


In other words, this was perfect, using every narrative trick it could to its fullest potential.   I'm only sorry that issue thirty one hasn't come out yet: I'm willing to wait because the quality is just amazing enough to be worth the wait, but I'd still love to see more immediately.