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Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente

A multitude of Reeds

FF, Vol. 1 - Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Barry Kitson

Reed Richards isn't one of my favorite characters.   Look, I don't mind him in small doses, but I don't particularly like him.   So the fact that this volume centers around a bunch of AU Reed Richards?  

Well, I got bored.   There are some moments of hilarity: Reed and his daughter Valeria decide that they need to invite his most fearsome villains over for tea and cookies.   The hook?   They also get to try and decide how to defeat Reed.   Or should I say, the other Reeds.  


You can imagine how the rest of his family reacts to being told their archenemies are coming over for some playtime, but not being told why.   Still, I'd have rated this higher even with all the Reed-ness.   


Maybe it was the fact that this is the Future Foundation: Johnny Storm has sacrificed himself for the good of mankind, and he has left a suggestion that Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, take his place.   In deference to him, his family respects his wishes.   I don't know: I just didn't get that same vibe with Spider-Man there.   Obviously, as they're different characters.   But I just didn't really enjoy this new dynamic.   Then again, everything is broken.  Ben Grimm, alias The Thing, has watched his friend die as he protected children.   He's got a bad case of survivor's guilt, and maybe that seeped through to the rest of the parts, making this feeling rather gloomy. 


But, exciting last part as this sets up for the next story arc, which is why I'm really here!  Yay!