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So, wow.

Inhumans: Attilan Rising - Marvel Comics

This got off to a really slow start, then got good.   See, Medusa was the queen and some Inhumans were rebelling against  her.   But the thing is, it was slow because you couldn't really figure out what was happening, and without knowing why they were rebelling against her, or that Black Bolt - who owns a bar, and talks, by the way - was heading the resistance against her.  


This mirrors Inhumans in a lot of ways, in that it's Medusa who proclaims that New Attilan must be destroyed, and tries to do it with Black Bolt's unwanted help.



See, it's just that he doesn't trust her, which is rather rich.   But the thing is, this all leads up to the end, and the end is... just mind-blowing.   It all gets way, way better right at the end, and I was sitting there, in shock, wondering how to review that without spoiling it.


I'm so glad I picked this up now, after my initial regret at having purchased the first four issues.   Squee!