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Not gonna lie, this was disappointing

Inhuman Volume 3: Lineage - André Lima Araújo, Charles Soule, Ryan Stegman

As a conclusion to the Inhuman series, this was disappointing.   Then again, it's partly because I've built this up in my head, so there is that.   There was a lot of power struggles: between Medusa and Black Bolt - although he resolved that by admitting defeat, and allowing her to take the throne and responsibility of New Attilan on her own. 


The biggest conflicts were those between Medusa and Lineage, and Medusa/New Attilan and Lash/Orollan.   This is pretty telling about Orollan:



Okay, there.   That doesn't make you sound like a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fanatic or anything!   


And I'm just conflicted about Medusa in general.   She's being a total bitch to Black Bolt, but... when she lists all the crap he's pulled I kinda wanna root for her anyway.   (Oh, Primus, this is gonna be the Civil War argument with my friend where he tells off Iron Man, I defend him, and he lists the horrible shit Stark has done.   And all I have as a defense is the sexy, sexy armor.   And yes, I officially have a weird thing for Black Bolt where I'm like *swoon* but also, don't touch me.  There's a weird thing going on where someone I know really well, who I thought had accepted this, absolutely insists that if I really want a relationship, I will make it work with meat.   I just can't even.   I've been nervous, and I think my brain is tricking myself into thinking meat=sexy again.  Or trying to.   There's a weird crush sans arousal thing going on that is just bizarre and messing with my head.)



And, nope, I'm not ready to cope with the fact that he destroyed his home twice, Terrigen bombed the whole world, and kinda didn't come home even after he was done being kidnapped.  


Yeah, I feel like I have a whole lotta issues right now.  He's kinda a raging asshole, and apparently, I find that kinda hot.   


And meat.   Ugh.   Meat.   


So... probably influences my reading of this?   At the same time, the anticlimactic ending to all this didn't really help.   Ugh.   I hope Uncanny Inhumans is better.   And I only read this because UI #0 did not make sense, so I had to go back and read these. 


Do not regret buying them, since most were not on Marvel MU yet, as UI the ongoing is going to start soon.