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Deadpool Classic - Volume 8 - Buddy Scalera, Georges Jeanty, Jim Calafiore, Frank Tieri

So, this goes back to Weapon X.   Doesn't everything?   Weapon X promises Wade everything he wants: his old face back, money, a souped up healing factor.   And speaking of his face, he's all like, 'yes, I get to get rid of this scabby looking thing!'


Which totally contradicts the recent volume where he's like, no, thanks, I like my scarred up face!   Which I think only proves to me that they haven't worked out all the kinks in Wade's character yet.   


But let's get back to Weapon X, which is the first arc.  



To which they respond with: 



And then, being Weapon X, they totally fuck him over.   Like this:



Although I now want Sabertooth/Deadpool porn.   That would be sick. In pretty much all the definitions of the word simultaneously. 



I do not, however, want Deadpool/Gilbert Gottfried porn. 



Although I laughed like crazy reading that.   And then there's Copycat, Deadpool's ex, who did horrible shit to Siryn. 



At first I thought the ape sexually harassing Deadpool was Vanessa - until she spoke up.   This is messed up.   And it's messed up in the 'I'm getting the feeling that Deadpool is gonna hit his stride' way.   So this made me happy.   


The Deadpool/Copycat/Agent X triangle less so.  (Note to self: look for that menage later in fanfic, because that could be brilliantly messed up.)  



But not as happy as the ending to this arc, in which Sabertooth fridges someone.   Because did not like them.   Also, in addition to the 'ugh, bridging', why is Sabertooth always fridging someone?   Always.  Because we haven't seen him do this to Wolverine before!


Then there's this little tidbit: 



I didn't screencap any of the Deadpool's death story, because it was a little bit of a slide back.   The storyline was only so-so - amnesia, because why not steal more of Wolverine's plots, along with a bum who was vomiting everywhere, and some Deadpool wannabes.   


The revelation of who has it in for Deadpool, and why he was brought back?  Messed up in all the right Deadpool-y kind of ways.   I approve of this ending.