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This is such an important book...

X-Men: Magneto Testament - Carmine Di Giandomenico, Greg Pak

First of all, there's a story in the back of issue five about a woman who had been coerced to paint for Mengele, and who never got her works back from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland.   Which I will never visit or support in anyway.   The fact that they kept the paintings that she legally owned, and demanded back, disgusts me.   It's a short story, but it's the only place that I cried.   I knew once I started, I wouldn't stop, so I managed to stiff upper lip it through most of the main story. 


And the main story is about a young Magneto in Auschwitz, about how he got there and how he survived, and how he escaped.  I thought the beginning was the level of terror you'd be kept at, knowing what was going to happen, but no, Pak manages to make it worse and worse with each issue.    Because the further into this story you go, the more you see of the horror that is Auschwitz. 


And it's compelling stuff.   Real life facts combine with these fictional characters to create a chilling portrait of what Magneto's life will be.  There's nary a mention of any of the wider Marvel Universe: no superheroes, no Captain America, no mutants.   Nothing but this brutality for five issues. 


Read it because it's important, read it because the art is beautiful, but be prepared for how crushing it is, more so because it seems to be a fairly accurate representation of what life was for people who lived in concentration camps. 


I have to go weep.  Or read shit-tons of X-Men, or listen to all of Night Vale to get over this.  Or I may just go with the actual original plan after I had finished issue four: curl into a ball, keep up a keening sound until all the feels are out, and occasionally flail my arms helplessly at a large, cruel world. 


There's also ice cream and breakfast coming up, so maybe after the keening and flailing fiesta, some of that might cheer me up?