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Champions (2019-) #3
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I really, really like the new Loki...

Loki: Agent of Asgard Volume 1: Trust Me - Marvel Comics

I'm not sure why I like him so much.  I never followed Thor, and still don't, really.   So maybe I'd like old Loki just as much, it's just I don't know him as much?   Given the glimpses of him in this graphic novel, though, I think my preference is the new Loki: the reborn, child Loki who's trying to make up for his past sins, until he's murdered.   What's left in his place?


It's the conflicted Loki who is agent of Asgard; Loki tries his best to make his story new, although he needs to erase his past sins from the books, and from the minds of, well, everyone.   The All-Mother, a triumvirate of Norse Goddesses who rule in Odin's stead during his self-imposed exile, promise one story will be erased, for every job Loki does for them. 


However, nothing is ever that simple, especially with mythology.   Especially when Ragnarök has come and gone.  Especially when the gods are on unsure footing and need to find it, and damn what Loki wants to accomplish.   Of course, Loki has his own plays, and it's all the All-Mother and Loki trying to counter each other.   It's interesting in a parade way, although I'm kind of glad the conspiracy part is over.   I'm not sure which way Loki will go now, or why this continues to be Agent of Asgard unless he ends up falling in line.   (He is agent of Axis for a while, though, and I really, really love Axis, so...


I'm  also really enjoying all the cameos from established characters.   Verity Willis was created for this series, and she's another woman who is full, strong in her own way, and so far enchanting.    Verity doesn't really have the heart for heroing, I think; she says even watching Loki and one of his cohorts in action is going to give her a heart attack.   However, she is a human lie-detector, to the point that she can't read fiction because it all reads as lies to her.   In a way, she's right: it's all made up, and a form of lies that way.   I also feel for her.   She's like to read fiction, or watch movies, but can't.   It's this strength that I'm talking about, by the way.   She's been given a pretty shitty ability and just... copes.   She finds ways to get along. 


I think she might be a romantic interest for Loki, which is going to be... interesting.   I don't remember him being attached to anyone before, at least not in a longer-term way which is where I see this set-up going.   So I'm not sure how it's going to be handled, but I like the interaction between Verity and Loki enough that I really do want to see how this relationship ends up, even if it's just them being friends.  


Beyond this, the plot explores destiny, heroism and what it means: 



and individuality.  In other words, there is a lot of meat to chew on in this book.   There's a lot going on, a lot of character development, and it's a pleasure to read, partly due to this kind of humor: 



I'm looking forward to the second volume, even though it's not quite all up on Marvel Unlimited yet.  I'm thinking I'll read up to where I can today and catch up when the rest shows up.   (Hopefully in a couple of months!)


After this?   I'm thinking Thunderbolts.  I'm all over the place, but I'm reading as I want to, stopping in the middle of graphic novels, and picking them up later.   Marvel Unlimited gives me the freedom to do that, and I'm taking full advantage.