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Weekly reading - 5/17-5/23

I'm too tired to focus on anything long enough to finish anything else tonight, I think.   In fact, I'm thinking about calling it a night right now.   So, here's the rundown of what I read this week: 


Sunday, May 17: 


1. All-New Doop, 2 1/2 stars, review here.

2. Savage Hulk Volume 1, 2 stars, review here.

3. Black Women & the Marvel Girls, 4 stars, review here.

4. Ant-Man & Wasp: Small World, 3 stars, review here.

5. Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope, 4 stars, review here.

6. Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back, 4 stars,  review here.

7. Star Wars Infinities: Return of the Jedi, 4 1/2 stars, review here.


Total today: 7

Total this week: 7


Monday, May 18:


1. 4: Wolf At the Door, 4 stars, review here.

2. 4: The Stuff of Nightmares, 4 Stars, review here. 


Total today: 2 

Total this week: 9 


Tuesday, May 19: 


1. 4: Divine Time, 4 1/2 stars, review here.


Total today: 1

Total this week: 10


Wednesday, May 20: 


1. 2. 4: Impossible Things Happen Every Day, review here. 


Total today: 1

Total this week: 11 


Thursday, May 21: 


1. 4: The Resurrection of Nicholas Spark, 4 stars, review here.

2. Taken by the Gay Tank, 1/2 star, review here.

3. Young Avengers Presents, 3 1/2 stars, review here.


Total today: 3

Total this week: 14


Friday, May 22:


1. Young Avengers: Sidekicks, 4 stars, review here.

2. Young Avengers: Family Matters, 3 1/2 stars, review here.

3.Young Avengers: Style>Substance, 5 stars, review here. 


Total today: 3

Total this week: 17


Saturday, May 23:


1. Young Avengers: Alternative Cultures, 5 stars, review here. 

2. Young Avengers: Mic-Drop at the Edge of Time and Space, 5 stars, review here.

3. Amazing X-Men: The Quest for Nightcrawler, 3 1/2 stars, review here.

4. Amazing X-Men: World War Wendigo, 4 stars, review here. 


Total today: 4

Total this week:  21


So it looks like I was right: I hit between 20 and 30 graphic novels.   I also really enjoyed compiling this list.   If you guys don't want to see them, I'll continue for myself, and in a Pages document.  If you guys would like to see this continue, there are two options: let me know, or say nothing.  (I'll take silence as, at the very least, acceptance.)


I was also correct in that Sunday's are the days when I get the most reading done.  I think those are gonna be, like, my Shabbat.   The day of rest.  The day when I get the majority of my reading done. 


I'm like halfway through a couple volumes, mostly Loki, so I foresee another strong Sunday.  I'll probably finish close to seven graphic novels again, thus giving me a strong reading week in general.   See you guys tomorrow.   And yes, while this blog is mostly for me, I wold also like to make it a good reading experience for my friends.   So, like I said, if this is going to get tired, let me know.  I'm very analytical, and I mostly turn that inwards because other people tend to get annoyed if I overanalyze them.   So, I'm doing this for myself.  

I don't foresee this as a way to expand my reading.  I do try to mix it up a little, but I'm also very obsessive and that goes hand in hand with my reading phases.  I'm in a heavy Marvel/comics phase, and I don't see that ending anytime soon.  I'm absolutely hooked on their subscription reading service!  (And I'm still not crazy-crazy about their reader, but it's serviceable, and I've already read the subscription fee's worth of comics - at least.   It's a damn good deal!)