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New-ish take on sentient machines

Father Robot #1 - Kristopher White

I really, really loved this.  And while I do like the art, the style is grotesque.   And that's not an insult: there is a type of art that is simply called that.   That is to say, the art is technically very good, but it's a stylistic choice.   Grotesque art is not my favorite style.   In fact, it's kinda down on the bottom.   


I would like to see a cleaner style, although this is beyond my control, and the grotesque style fits a lot of what happens in this story.    It did diminish my pleasure, just a bit, and thus four stars instead of five. 


The storyline is quite moving: in a world where soldiers use mechas to fight from a remote position, a father is unable to help his daughter who is supposed to be safe at home.  (Well, safe in her home city in a safe area while they prepare for an attack.)


When he's yanked out of his mecha, the machine keeps going after his daughter.   


The introduction is quite moving as well as it explains that this story was based on the moment when the he realized just how much he truly loved his daughter.   And he also thanks everyone for giving an indie comic a chance. 


It worked.  I'll even pay twice as much - two dollars - for the next comic.   Really, really enjoyed this!