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Champions (2019-) #3
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Isn't bad, it just never came together for me

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Volume 1: Prodigal Son - Chuck Dixon, Brett Booth

This isn't a bad take on a modern day Frankenstein.   There were just a bunch of disparate storylines that never came together for me, so I felt that it was a bit disjointed throughout.   It doesn't help that there's no real resolution to any of the storylines, so I didn't have at least that consolation!


That being said, the whole Victor is still living, as Victor Helios fascinated me, as does his continuing work, and his lifestyle.   His first creation is trying to track him down, and part of the way he's doing this is moving into a theater he inherited, and making contact with a homicide offer who's chasing at least one serial killer who may have ties to Helios, although she doesn't realize that yet.   She doesn't even believe the whole 'Frankenstein's monster lives' story that Deucalion, even though it's the truth. 


However, despite the feeling that the stories should have come together more, the ideas were good, the writing itself - that is the adaptation and dialogue - was good, and the art was good.   Also, Victor had metal in him, which was slightly hot.   


So I'm settling on three stars as I liked it more than I disliked this adaptation.   Not quite enough to read the original novels just yet, but I've tried reading Koontz before and struggled with his work.  If I did give another one of his books a shot, this would be it, though.