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How many books does it take to make my favorite authors list?

Turtle Moon - Alice Hoffman

One if you're Alice Hoffman.   And it's a favorite book, despite not getting five stars.   There are issues.   A slow start.   It made me cry.   In public.   Repeatedly.   It very well may have emotionally crippled me. 


But how can you argue with lines like this: 


"Well, they can look all they want, they're never going to know the truth: that a hundred-pound dog could tear a man apart yet love a boy so much he wouldn't notice his own wounds, that a man like Julian could feel something after all this time."


This is one of the lines that made me tear up, and not just because that line is gorgeous and delicious and emotionally resonant.   You really have to know the backstory: the boy, the dog and Julian are all connected, as are the boy's mother, a missing baby, a dead woman who was the boy's neighbor.   This is fiction, magical realism, a mystery, a coming-of-age story, a story about those who are older and broken and learning to live with themselves.   It's about broken families, families that find each other.   It's about men who are so connected to animals that they become each others guardians.   


The blurb on the back cover doesn't do the story justice.   Nothing I can come up would do this story justice.   And all I can think of to say is that it's not the big, overall arc that had my stomach in knots, that had me blubbering as I read some lines out loud to a friend, or that moved me so much I couldn't function.   It was all the small moments and revelations that the larger arc made possible.   They worked together, and the separate stories blended seamlessly.  It was a truly moving and emotional experience for me. 


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and try to put myself together after this.