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One of my professors passed away

I only knew him from lectures I'd seen online, but it's shaken me up. 


I'm taken tonight off and catching up on reviews, because that... I think that will calm me down.  I've been all antsy and anxious today and I just put it together; I thought because I only knew him online, I wouldn't be as affected.  I am.   Deeply. 


I'm taken today, and possibly the next couple days off to focus on me.   


I also may get a new Build-a-Bear.  I've been hoping for Vision and have a clue that he might be coming out tomorrow - but I'm going to call tomorrow morning and if they have him, I'll get him.  I've been feeling guilty, like should-I-shouldn't-I, but I need something new and comforting right and yes, I'm going to do this should he come out tomorrow.   I'll let you know.


I'm holding off on the Hugos, mostly because a pile of new books will make me feel more anxious, like there's pressure to read them immediately.  I may or may not do that depending on my anxiety level.