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Didn't really work for me

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Riley (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8) - Jane Espenson, Andy Owens, Karl Moline

In the end, I wasn't crazy about the Twilight storyline, although I liked it well enough on my first read.   Add that with the fact that I didn't love Riley ever, and I knew this would be 'meh' for me.  I wanted to read it for completion's sake, and also because I'd already bought it in a Humble Bundle.  I also figured it would be a quick read, before my mind wandered too far or got too nervous.  I was right.  


This actually had a lot of good information about Riley and Sam, and what their long term plans were, and how they choose to be together instead of feeling tied down to each other.   There was also a lot of Sam saying she would go on missions if the government called upon her again, and that she didn't need Riley's permission.   And that, yes, she was partly okay with him going with Buffy because he wanted to, and she knew he'd come back to her in the end, but that, yes, it was partly because it would make her feel better about going later on.


I particularly liked the character development for Sam.   It wasn't enough to make me really love this, though.   The art was great, but the story, and even the fun parts between Riley and Sam, never overtook the fact that I don't particularly like Riley - and it turns out I don't particularly like Sam either.