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I keep getting pulled into conversations that have nothing to do with me, and then do

Fellow student (FS): I'm dropping this class and no longer need you to tutor me.


Me: Okay.


FS: *decides to retake course sends professor that I'm not involved with an e-mail saying I'll tutor her during winter break assuming she can get extensions, and then CCs me. *


Me: *what?*


Sends e-mail to FS, saying, um, no, I will not have the time in winter break. 


I didn't tell her, but rooms will be cleaned, laundry will be done, shifts will be worked, and comics will be read.  I'm toying with the idea of taking a very short - two or three day - vacation somewhere, either in state or just day tripping one or two days, or going out of state - but somewhere I could drive to.   In which case, yup, I will really not be available.   


I don't understand how people think they can volunteer my time like that?   Not to mention, I rescheduled to accommodate her tutoring, then when I realized I'd have the free time, and I'm not doing it again.  I set down hard and fast rules: she'll need to hire someone during winter break.  I'm only available two half hours a week, when I'm already going to be on campus between things, and I may be half-focused on my own work.   I refuse to keep accommodating someone who doesn't tell me what they're doing and who also changes plans on me constantly.  


I already went through hell with a tutorial - and it keeps coming back to bite me on my butt.   I'm done just passively nodding and going along with this, though, but speaking up for myself makes me anxious like nothing else.  


So, on a semi-related note, I bought like twenty clearance blind boxes to get an adorable Vision pop funko keychain.  I think Imma turn him into a necklace.   For fun.   Because I neeeeeed this right now!