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I was asked about my favorite TF quote...

And all I could think was 'the kinky one about Ultra Magnus.'


To which I got, 'no, the whole quote.'   Because, of course, my answer was pretty useless. In the issue titled Little Victories, Ultra Magnus is concerned that Rewind will make them all look ridiculous in his documentary about them all.   How?   Well, he could let him voice that kind of concern then show him doing something that, out of context, looks incredibly stupid.   


Rodimus allows Magnus to edit the video and the next scene is removed by authority of the duly appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord.   Proving him right. 


How he let all this slip by is beyond me, then:



To be fair, Magnus cares about one thing: order.   At least Minimus Ambus as Ultra Magnus.   (There's a story behind that; the reason this is important though is that much like Iron Fist, there's a succession of bots who are load bearers and take up the mantle of Ultra Magnus.   Load bearers are bots who are especially strong and can take on the load of something like, say, the Ultra Magnus armor, which is a story in itself.   Tyrest at one point says that at some point, things got to be too much for Magnus, and it broke him.   He's unable to deviate from order at all and any deviation is treated as equal, be it minor or major.  This is unhealthy, why is he is disliked by those who are more free-spirited, and also explains so much about him.   But what I mean is that Magnus the figurehead isn't necessarily like this; this incarnation of Magnus, at this point in time, is which has a great deal of bearing on this scene.)


So... this could be not kinky, but I'm racking my brain and not thinking of a way it's not.  And what, pray tell, is worth than death and what would be not-kinky and lead to a fate worse than death?


So it still seems like Magnus would redact this completely - unless he were, say, so obvious to anything sexual at all - including, of course, innuendo - that he didn't even see that this could be kinky as hell.   Which is what I think is the case, to be honest.   Magnus creates ties: he's close to Rodimus, even if the captain's actions drive him up the wall sometimes - meaning most times.   When they got avatars, he was the only one who choose his own avatar - and choose a young woman he knew on Earth to base his appearance on in that issue.   And the truth is that despite his stiffness, Rodimus tries to get him to relax and have fun, and Whirl admits to admiring him on at least one occasion., and Thunderwing admires a paper he wrote on typefaces, I believe*  He gets things done, and his spark's in the right place: he cares about order not for order's sake, but because he actually cares about other people.  He's been willing to sacrifice his own life for the greater good enough times for everyone to know he's not just trying to make them all miserable, but in the end, that's where they end up anyway.   


So, yes, to the person who asked - that quote on the bottom about his hobbies is one of my favorite quotes in MTMtE, but I could quote you near whole issues if you want all of my favorites.   I may be swinging back into a Magnus phase which means you get Magnus kinkiness.   And on top of that, I got to write this exploration of his character because of this quote so I like it even more now.


*See the quotes here.